PSYCHOMANIA # 5 "Fanzine for Psychobillys, Punkabillys, Rockabillys" Magazin

Fanzine for Psychobillys, Punkabillys, Rockabillys
HALB 53-2
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Psychobilly, Punkabilly, Rockabilly

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P. PAUL FENECH / THE METEORS . Titlestory*Psychobillyszene Austria . Special with:SIR PSYKO & HIS MONSTERS . BRAINDEAD .THEE FLATLINERS . BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES . HOUNDED PRISONERS . MOONSTRUCK . THE NAPS . LUNATIC BASTARDS . ANAL DESTINATION * MEANTRAITORS . Interview * COFFIN NAILS . Interview * THEE SUSPENDERS . Interview THE RIPMEN . Interview * NITRO 17 . Plattenvorstellung * THEE WALTONS . Interview . GUTTER DEMONS . Interview * THE RATTLERS . Interview Teil 1 * THE CALAMITIEZ . Interview * THE RHUMBA KINGS . Interview * OUT OF LUCK . Interview * THE LUCKY DEVILS . Interview * RUSTY CAGE . Interview * THE DELTAS . Interview * THE TERMITES . Interview * LS DEPRESSION . Interview * THE MONSTERS . Interview * MR. SATANIC STOMP – LONESOME . Interview * BOPPI´N KIDS . Interview * UP TO VEGAS . Interview * Al & THE BLACK CATS . Interview * TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE . Special * MR. BLUE . Interview CREEPSHOW . Plattenvorstellung * INFOS * REVIEWS *

Dear Readership!

Here we go again. This is the issue No. 5 of the PSYCHOMANIA magazine fully packed with nice stuff coming out one month before Christmas. This time technology and artists have not let us down and hence we are well in time. Well, almost … The printing shop has played a bad joke on us binding the pages in wrong order. To fix everything we spent our last days and nights with bending up staples and sorting pages. Despite this extra work we had been able to concentrate upon the work of the magazine a lot better this time which has led to a rise of pages up to 80 now – that means you have 30 more pages to read. As regards content everything is still about Psychobilly, Punkabilly and Rockabilly. Once again the CD is richly filled and well mixed with known and less known Combos from the aforesaid sector. Nothing changes in the price of course … which means our very good price stays at 6.66 €. The established and well-known record shops, scene shops and mail order of your trust provide a Germany-wide distribution again. We won’t give out our small magazine to railway station kiosks and gigantic supermarkets – we think the magazine is too precious to do that. The PSYCHOMANIA is also available in Europe, America and Japan . Regarding these matters everything remains unaffected for the moment.

Nevertheless, the next issue will have a decisive rearrangement. The magazine No. 6 to be released in April, 2009, will be the first bilingual issue in German and English language. We will tell you more about it during the next weeks.

This time we hope we were able to offer you an extensive and interesting magazine again and wish you a lot of enjoyment with the PSYCHOMANIA # 5.

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