THEE FLANDERS "neverending story Digi CD "DIE HARD" Collectors Edition + Patch (lim. 100)" Digi CD

neverending story Digi CD "DIE HARD" Collectors Edition + Patch (lim. 100)
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Psychobilly, Punkabilly, Rockabilly

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  • THEE FLANDERS	"Neverending Story" Digi CD "DIE HARD" Sammler Edition
  • THEE FLANDERS	"Neverending Story" Digi CD "DIE HARD" Sammler Edition
  • THEE FLANDERS	"Neverending Story" Digi CD "DIE HARD" Sammler Edition


  1. 1. Shut Up World (4.03)
  2. 2. Blind Date Killer (3.09)
  3. 3. Psychocats (2.46)
  4. 4. Snake (2.32)
  5. 5. Ghost of the Dead (3.16)
  6. 6. Potsdam West (2.25)
  7. 7. Demon Rebels (3.04)
  8. 8. Angel (3.25)
  9. 9. Fuck Off (2.50)
  10. 10. Die For Me (2.50)
  11. 11. Good Night For A Suicide (3.28)
  12. 12. Most Important Things Of Life (3.29)
  13. 13. Shut Up World (Reprise) (3.50)


Halb-7-Records proudly presents: THEE FLANDERS "Neverending Story". Finally after almost 10 years of production time the new studio album of the Potsdam Psychobillys is finally released.

No THEE FLANDERS album deserves the title #neverendingstory as much as this album does.

The way to the release was quite rocky, almost like in real life.

O-Ton Norman Flanders:

"Neverending Story - I think never was an LP name more appropriate than this time. We worked on this album for over 10 years and didnt really leave anything out. There was an abundant accumulation of failures, bad luck and mishaps…From line-up changes, stolen hardware in the rehearsal room incl. recordings, to producer and mixer changes, faulty test pressings etc… this time everything was in program. It may well be, that one or the other song was recorded 7-8 times during the years. So as time would have it, the album evolved into a neverending story."

That was hard process and even went so far that the work on the album had to be put aside. It was the time to recharge creative batteries with new and other projects.

It was a more happier and successful time, because in the meantime a number of interesting and probably unique releases appeared.

Especially "enjoy the silence" hit the headlines, the press and the ears.

A project with Achim Mentzel (RIP), who was able to show off his acting and comedic talents, as he walked on the hill, like Dave Gahan in the lofi video production for the Depeche Mode . In addition, there were limited EPs and singles and even a Wobbler figure with collectors box.

Thee Flanders embarked on rhythmic and electronic excursions in collaboration with well-known artists such as Robert Görl (DAF), on the cross-genre album "the electro remixes".

Conceptually, the cover albums Graverobbing 2 & Diggin Deeper (Graverobbing 2½) were released.

Plenty of material in the years in between that would hardly have existed without a break from the regular album.

Back to the new album:

Originally, the album was to be called "Cut". At that time there were many changes within the band.

The probably biggest cut: Micha, main song writer and drummer, left the band in August 2011. The Potsdamneds also wanted to change visually and no longer go on stage as made-up zombies. Neither musically nor in terms of content there were parallels in this respect. The phase of the Horrorbillys was probably over …

Although "Neverending Story" musically follows "the Spirit of 666", the Potsdamers present themselves much more adult, modern, professional and confident on their instruments.

The new drum sound drives the creative arrangements rhythmically, the catchy melodies move between threatening minor and conciliatory major. The pieces in between peppered and rounded off with funny and scary samples.

This time there is no German song and no cover track on the disc. "Goodnight for Suicide" & "Snake" are written by bandmate Tom Toxic.

With "Demon Rebels" there is an unreleased song from the early days as a new recording.


13 crisp smashers and real hits somewhere between classic Psychobilly, Punkabilly, Wave & Trash and Potsdamned charm.

Catchy melodies, earworm character, sing-along refrains and the unmistakable voice of Norman Flanders leave the album quickly in continuous rotation.

"Neverending Story"…So it was worth the wait.

Technical data:

Cover design and layout brilliantly designed by Norman Flanders.

Traditionally, sounds pressed in vinyl and CD format.


here is the “DIE HARD” Collectors Edition:

- Digi Pack with exclusive finishing (bronze embossing) and elegant haptic surface, 4-color

- 12-page booklet, 4-color

- CD “Picture Disc” label print, 4-color

- limited to 100 pieces

- hand numbered

- accurately woven patch (gray on black)

- available exclusively from


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