PSYCHOMANIA RUMBLE "A Psycho-Attack Over Potsdamned" LP

A Psycho-Attack Over Potsdamned
HALB 88-1
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Psychobilly, Punkabilly, Rockabilly

Cover & Artwork

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  1. A) INTRO (1:17)
  2. A) SKITZO - Psychomania (2:50)
  3. A) the GRISWALDS - Psychomania (2:57)
  4. A) the RUSTY ROBOTS - the Fool Who Wasnt At The Psychomania (1:58)
  5. A) THEE FLANDERS - Psychomania (3:18)
  6. A) die HOLSTEIN ROCKETS - Psychomania (3:14)
  7. B) MAD SIN - Potsdam (2:27)
  8. B) BATMOBILE - Rock & Roll And Alcohol (2:24)
  9. B) the MONSTROSITIES - Psychomania Train (3:13)
  10. B) the MOONSHINE STALKERS - Psychomania (1:38)
  11. B) 28 SPLINE - Psychomania (2:28)
  12. B) the SURFIN RETARDOS - Psychomania Hellbus Society (2:23)
  13. B) SKITZO - Psychomania (Live) (3:30)


"Lunatic whitsun meeting" was once written in capital letters in a Potsdam daily newspaper.

Here is the compressed madness between psycho - horror - neo-rockabilly on an exclusive vinyl record. The first-class and successful compilation comes with mainly unreleased tracks, rare or demo songs.


For the 13th Rumble 2019 the first edition of the sampler was released.

As a thank you to all fans and bands the disc was released for its factory cost price with high quality material. It still seems like a madness today, that the pressing was completely sold out within a few hours.

Now, almost a year later, finally and due to the high demand, the press was reproduced.

The edition comes in a noble designed folded cover with a bloody boxer and fancollage inside. Hardly anyone will be forgotten here. Turquoise-green cover color!

We pressed different vinyl colors into it:

• LP 60 pieces green-marbled vinyl

• LP 80 pieces blue-marbled vinyl

• LP 80 pieces yellow-marbled vinyl

Here is the "blue-marbled vinyl" vinyl.

Psychobilly Sampler with 11 tracks and intro

It includes:


Cult band from England donated the great piece "Psychomania" to the 8th Rumble. The song was released on a limited CD which was only available in advance ticket sales. As a bonus you will get a sweaty live version of the piece.


Again, an important Psychobilly Band of the first hour, which has the honor to set another official PSYCHOMANIA RUMBLE anthem to music. The almost 3-minute smasher was originally released on a strictly limited CD with live recording of PSYCHOMANIA RUMBLE # 5 from 2011.


Exclusive masterpiece of the cult Psychobilly Trio from Germany. Just the right thing for lovers of the old school… Peppy, melodic sound that immediately becomes catchy. The message is clear: "the fool who wasnt at the Psychomania".


Psychomania and Halb-7-Recs house band created great dragging song with apt sociopathic lyrics and a psychotic minor rhythm. The Potsdamneds in best form and finally with a new song. Exclusive and sung in German only for this sampler!


Another band that released their albums on Halb-7-Rec. To honor the Psychomania Rumbles there is an exclusive track from the Kielers. The track is well played, driving and powerful. A real catchy tune that everyone can roar along live!


"Potsdam…Potsdamned" is the chant of Germanys Psychobilly Troop No.1. Many scandals, sweaty performances, fireworks, a quivering stage and a twisting pit… in Potsdam the Berliners have often and violently cracked it. Köfte didnt do anything and went to the studio to record the firecracker. MAD SIN in the best way…the song is less overproduced, but dirty, snotty, fast and psycho…thats how it must be! We are proud to release this exclusive song here.


High-calibre acts give themselves the handle. Even rarer than their performances are the releases of the Dutch Psycho-Kings from planet cheese. Its almost unbelievable that the Psychobilly Troupe is also here and gives us a song. "Rock & Roll and Alcohol" is from their last album, here in the exclusive "Psychomania" version.


A fresh band with the best Psychobilly has to offer at the moment. Sunglasses on, hair styled, instruments at hand and off you go with the Psychomania train from Austria to Potsdamned.


Psycho-trio from London. A great mix of old-fashioned Psychobilly with a modern touch - wild, fast and rocking. Exclusive only on this sampler.

* 28 SPLINE (D)

Berlin combo…fresh blood meets old-school rockers. Fresh psychobilly meets Snot-n-Roll… It all fits together. The song "Psychomania" is exclusively available only here on the sampler.


Casual one-man surfing sound for a morning pint. The Psychomania Hellbus Society invites you…

Kickin ass…again an exclusive jewel and only to be heard here on the sampler.


The P S Y C H O M A N I A R U M B L E story:

PSYCHO PSYCHO P S Y C H O M A N I A…that was the battle cry at the first concert of the English cult band Skitzo.

The Potsdam psycho hordes were out of control.

At least since then the name P S Y C H O M A N I A R U M B L E has been program and should be known to every decent and honest Psychobilly.

For more than 14 years, the festival has always been held at whitsun and attracts numerous Psychobillys and Psychobellas from near and far, to the Mark Brandenburg.

It should be clear latest after 2012 that not only the visitors really celebrate the festival, but also the participating bands. At that time the "Kings of Psychobilly" the METEORS donated the new Rumble anthem "The Psychomania Syndrome (Welcome)". A signal perhaps?

Later the GRISWALDS and SKITZO followed with their own PSYCHOMANIA interpretations.

The songs became cult and are all sought-after rarities, as they were only released in limited numbers on CDs available in advance ticket pre-sales.

In between there were more requests for CD projects, but as is well known, the course of time brought changes in listening habits and behavior. The songs were put aside for the time being…

Now, after all these years, a musical reappraisal follows in the form of a vinyl and CD sampler.

So far everything was going well…but since 11th of March 2020 the world turned upside down.

There is a virus alarm!

Not only Germany, the world is firmly in the stranglehold of Corona.

With a heavy heart the decision was made on 31.03.2020 that the 14th Psychomania Rumble will not take place in 2020 yet it will be postponed to 2021.

Originally, the book and sampler were supposed to be a surprise for this years rumble, but that wont work. In this way at least this lovingly designed production appears as a positive sign of the future …

With hat in mind…

Psychomania Rumble - The cult lives on!

Fx March 2020



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